Photo Journal 23 – New Clutch From The Land of Potatoes – McDermitt, NV 7/8 to McDermitt, OR 7/11

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Our friends the Whitings kindly agreed to host us in their Nampa Idaho home while the 250L waited at a nearby Honda dealer for its new clutch. Larry was even kind enough to drive the 160 miles to McDermitt to pick us and the bikes up. Thanks Larry! We also got to tour the Whitings workplace, MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship), which is “is a Christian organization that provides aviation, communications, and learning technology services to more than 1,000 Christian and humanitarian agencies, as well as thousands of isolated missionaries and indigenous villagers in the world’s most remote areas.” They have some pretty cool airplanes there! It was fun seeing Idaho, but as soon as the 250L had its new clutch we hurried back to McDermitt to resume the trail.

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